Saturday, September 11, 2004


What is Neurolink?

Neurolink is a profound system of healthcare, that uses the only 100% accurate diagnostic tool available on the planet – the BRAIN (not the mind).
Neurolink is a complete system that will care for your health problems and needs, in much the same way as people choose to use drugs, surgery, alternative therapies and nutritional supplements to treat their problems.
But Neurolink, is NONE of these, and MORE than all of these.
Neurolink approaches healthcare within the neuro-physiological context. It represents a systematic evaluation of all the possibilities (going on in the body) that may have translated themselves in to symptoms of pain, illness and disease
First of all, research supports, your brain (not to be confused with your mind) knows about, and is in control of all your body’s systems – that is: every cell, gland (organ), muscle, and tissue in your body.
Your brain totally governs what is 100% optimum health for you as an individual. The brain operates within a template or set of parameters, that dictate your individual, ‘normal’.
When the body ‘breaks down’ – either physically, pathologically, chemically or emotionally, we start to experience symptoms of pain/feeling unwell. This happens because the body has exceeded its individual threshold of tolerances. When this happens, there is activity that is now outside what the brain has dictated to be your template of ‘normal’. The brain no longer ‘knows about’ or controls this activity, and that is when problems arise.
The Neurolink physician utilizes a system of sequential protocols to go through and check on your body’s ‘normal’. Where there is abnormal activity, the brain will become confused and will not recognize the problem.
The Neurolink physician is a facilitator in feeding back to the brain, that there is an abnormality. Once the brain can identify the problem, the BRAIN (not the practitioner) can the correct the problem.
The data that is fed back from the brain, reveals the underlying CAUSES of symptoms, exposing the brain’s profound ability to restore the body to its individual, full potential.
Only the brain holds the key to our optimum health.
“Therefore….the brain is the most qualified medical specialist we will ever have.”

What Neurolink Is Not…
Is not a technique. It is a complete system.
Is not…An alternative medicine modality. It is a ‘stand alone’ system of healthcare.
Is not…an esoteric, mind, body, soul modality.
Is not…Manipulative, mind-altering, hypnotic or invasive.
Is not stressful to the body.
Is not…Reliant on the knowledge or perceptions your physician holds about your symptoms.
Does not require….Adjunctive ‘props’, drugs, special diets or homework exercises to be effective.

Why Does The Body Break Down In The First Place?
We have already mentioned that the brain works within a set of parameters. These parameters are essentially thresholds of stress. The body can be stressed physically, emotionally, chemically, and pathologically.
The meaning of stress, and how each individual reacts to it varies. How it affects our individual health will vary. Our tolerance levels to the same stresses will be different. Therefore what is stressful for you to the extent of affecting your health will be completely different for the person next to you.
When YOUR threshold of tolerance is exceeded, YOUR body breaks down.
Lets use physical stress as an example. In a tennis game, when you lunge for a difficult shot, and stress a thigh muscle beyond its pre-set level of tolerance, the brain will intervene. The muscle’s ability to contract now becomes limited so muscle damage is minimized.
What happens now? The body endeavours to compensate for the weakened thigh muscle by shifting responsibility to muscles of lesser strength. This then leads to potential instability of your spine, pelvis, knee and foot. Referred pain is what the patient experiences, as a result of this weakened ‘link’ in a chain of command

Who Can Receive Neurolink Care?
Everyone. Techniques sometimes exclude certain groups of people, but Neurolink is a complete system. No one is exempt including those in the following categories:
New born (a large part of Neurolink clientele)
Very old and frail (Neurolink requires very little patient co-operation/stress)
Immobilised limbs in cast/traction
Physically disabled/amputees
Wheelchair confined including paraplegic/quadriplegic
Pregnant women right up to the day before birth
Mentally impaired
Neurolink is designed for everyone, no matter how well or how sick. It is very gentle, involves NO stress of the body at all, and requires very little patient co-operation. With this in mind, it is no surprise the very young, the older generation and the terminally ill make up a large percentage of Neurolink patients

What will happen to me in a Neurolink session?
A Neurolink practitioner looks at your body in a different way than most practitioners.
We work on the premise that your brain (not your mind) infinitely knows EXACTLY what YOUR body needs - to be completely well. A Neurolink practitioner ‘taps’ in to that information.
We look at whether the brain understands and is controlling your body’s systems – that is your muscles, tendons, glands, organs etc. We view your body as a highly integrated set of ‘circuits’. When all the ‘circuits’ are intact, the brain has control over our bodies, ensuring optimum wellness. That is – our food breaks down fully and is absorbed properly, our structures are in correct alignment, inflammation and pain are quickly suppressed, antigens are eliminated rapidly and healing is quick.
However……circuits can break, due to excessive physical, emotional, chemical or pathogenic stresses. Then the brain is no longer able to control the problem. The body loses it’s optimum state and that’s when the symptoms we feel, start to show.
The aim of a Neurolink session is to find out which circuits are no longer intact and re-establish (reconnect if you like) the brains control over them.
The first time you visit a Neurolink practitioner they will review your medical history and current complaint/s. Neurolink is very gentle and does not involve any adjusting, manipulating or stressing of your body. That is why patients of all ages can benefit.
As a patient you will lie on a medical treatment bed face up or face down, fully dressed.
The practitioner will hold different points on your body to activate different ‘circuits’. Some of these points will be obvious. Some may not be so obvious to you. To determine if the various circuits are intact or not, the practitioner will use a muscle test (ie holding an arm strong) as an indicator. The muscle test could be thought of as the practitioner’s way of ‘talking’ to the brain. If the circuit is broken, the muscle will lose strength, and the patient will be unable to resist against the practitioner’s pressure.
In most cases, to correct the problem, the practitioner will make contact with points on the body. The patient may also be asked to hold certain points him/herself. The practitioner will tap a certain place on the cranium – which is the integration message centre to the brain.
The practitioner will check through various circuits correcting as necessary for the individual, based on the information that is fed back from the brain.
Remember….with a Neurolink treatment, it is tailor-made for you. The practitioner can only correct circuits your brain says need correcting. And…..your brain doesn’t lie.
The time frame for a Neurolink treatment can vary, and depending on the length of your visit, can be spread out over sequential visits. Either way, your practitioner will only spend the time needed to take your body through all the sequential steps of the Neurolink system. (Please consult with him or her.)

Neurolink Research and Case Studies.
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