Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cases From The Files

James was 7 years old when his Mum brought him to me this January. He had been complaining of hip pain for three weeks and had seen two GPs without success. There was nothing remarkable about James’ past history except that he was born prematurely at 33 weeks and had always suffered from poor bowel and bladder control. He had not had any major injuries or falls that could explain the hip pain. All orthopaedic tests were normal but he did show very clear signs of pelvic dysfunction as well as a loss of cortical integration (brain control) of the lumbar spine and cerebral hemispheres.
I began the process of adjusting James’ pelvis and spine but at the same time corrected the brain control problems using Neurolink procedures. After the first treatment there was substantial relief from the hip pain. Within ten days James was not only pain free but had bowel and bladder control for the first time in his life. Since then he has shown excellent progress and continues with maintenance to enable him to run and tumble like a normal 7 year old.
Situations like James’ are not unusual. It appears that the premature birth may have contributed to his problem by rushing the brain into action before it was ready. This meant that while his brain was obviously working well enough for him to grow and function like a normal boy, there were still areas of brain function that were not quite ready for action. These areas were capable of function but had not yet “turned on” properly. Neurolink allowed me to find those areas and “turn them on”.

Ben came to me having lost his voice totally. He had suffered from a slight cold approximately two weeks prior but the cold didn’t seem to progress through its’ full course – he just had no voice instead. In assessing his brain function I discovered that his brain had failed to recognise fully that there was still a virus in his system. I corrected that recognition failure and asked him to return for reassessment in a week. When he returned he told me that after his adjustment and Neurolink correction he went for his walk as usual but then on the way home in the car his voice returned. That night he went through the rest of the cold symptoms that he’d missed out on two weeks before but when he awoke the next day he was completely normal.
Like all of us, Bens’ brain knows everything that’s going on inside him. However if there is some breakdown in that Brain–Body communication system then the brain cannot control all of the resources that it has at its’ disposal to keep us healthy. When this happens illness is not far away. Once Bens’ brain knew that there was still a virus in the system it very quickly (within 20 minutes!) got onto it and corrected it.

Karen had been suffering from hip, groin and buttock pain for her entire life. She was born breech with her legs crossed and both hips dislocated. Previous treatment with physiotherapy was not successful. I began treating her using advanced Chiropractic procedures and this produced very good results however those results never seemed to be permanent. After assessing her brain function I found that her brain had lost contact with the joint proprioceptors (the nerves around the joint that tell the brain where the joint is and how it’s working). Correction of that issue using Neurolink procedures produced instant pain relief that, for the first time in her life, has been permanent.
Once again we find that if the brain knows what and where the problem is it will correct it. The difficult and traumatic way in which Karen was born obviously created a breakdown in the Brain–Body connection between her brain and her hips. Once that connection was turned on again her brain resumed full control of the hips resulting in full and normal function.

Jane had a complicated range of symptoms that didn’t seem to follow any clear pattern. Her tummy was constantly bloated after eating and she needed to burp regularly. She had an ongoing battle with thrush that would apparently clear up with medical treatment but then would recur as soon as she got run down. Despite her best efforts, within ninety minutes of eating dinner each night she would fall asleep on the couch. She would sleep for around forty minutes but then she’d be wide awake and would have to read for thirty minutes before she could fall asleep again.
Neurolink analysis showed that her brain had not been controlling her liver function effectively. It also showed that she had a low grade bacterial infection in her liver which had not been recognised by the brain. After correcting both of these issues using the Neurolink protocols her thrush cleared within two days, never to return. She no longer falls asleep after meals, is no longer bloated and has more energy than ever before.
The problems the Jane had been experiencing began when she was in her early teens when she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Just prior to this she had suffered a hard knock to the head while playing basketball. I suspect that the CFS and her other ongoing problems were all part of the same Brain–Body connection problem that began with head blow. Once the brain was alerted to the problem it was very quickly able to correct it and restore her to normal health.