Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Eureka Clinic

You may remember from the last newsletter that Dr Nicole McFarlane was going to be joining us at the clinic as an Associate. After six months of negotiations and with one hour to go before the contracts were to be signed we received a one line email advising that she was not going to go ahead with it. As you can probably imagine that came as quite a surprise and meant that we had to completely change our plans for the practice. Our initial plans for me to work at the Eureka practice on Mondays have had to be rearranged and therefore our clinic hours have had to alter too. I will be at Hampton from 9am-11am and from 3pm - 6:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I will be at the Eureka clinic from 12 noon - 2pm on the same days.

Those patients who were devotees of the Saturday appointments will note that we are no longer open on Saturdays. The idea of us being open on Saturdays was to provide clinic access to those patients who worked late during the week. The vast majority of these people were those who work in or near the city and who found it difficult to get to the clinic by 6:30pm.

The Eureka clinic will now provide better access for those patients as they can now have their adjustments during their lunch break, thus obviating the need to lose part of their weekend. Obviously the Eureka clinic is not necessarily only for city workers; anyone can have their treatment there. Appointments can be made by calling either the Hampton number (9597 0313 – any time) or the Eureka number (9696 8946 – Eureka session times). Due to the high level security systems in operation at Eureka Tower, there is a protocol that must be followed to gain access.

Elise or Emma will explain this to you when you make your appointment and will walk you through the process on your first visit. Once you’ve been shown what to do you will see that it’s really very simple.