Thursday, November 24, 2005

Activator Methods Doctors – Becoming Scarce

Fully qualified Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique doctors are going to be harder to find in the future.

Some of you may recall that, for many years, I was the Senior Clinical Instructor for Activator Methods in Australia and the only Australian member of the Clinical Advisory Board for Activator Methods International – the research centre for Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique. Those of you who have read the “Frequently Asked Questions” booklet that we give every new patient will also remember that there were only six Chiropractors in Australia that have the highest level of proficiency in Activator Methods (page 13). Since I wrote that booklet there has been a series of events that have now made it even more difficult to find a fully qualified Activator Methods practitioner.

The people who were organising the seminars are no longer doing so and the company that have taken it over are only running them very sporadically. Simultaneously, several of the previously mentioned highly qualified doctors have either retired from practice or are no longer using Activator Methods. This means that there are now only two of us left in Australia that have the appropriate combination of high level training and experience.

The cynics among you may think that this is good for me because I have a “monopoly” but this is not really the point. What it really means is that when patients ask me if there is someone near Preston (or wherever) who does what I do, to whom they can send their Aunty Betty, I have to say “no”. Poor old Aunty Betty has to either come to see me in Hampton or Southbank. Either that or take her chances with one of the older style “crackety-crunch” Chiropractors or hope that her neighbour’s Chiropractor “who has one of those little clickers too” (but is not trained or qualified to use it) doesn’t do too much damage.